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Game News
Welcome, Rift Walker, to the Planes of Telara.  Rift Walkers, a Defiant guild on Belmont shard, is a casual, fun, social guild.  We always welcome new members to the guild, no matter what age, class, or play style.  The only rule we really have is no drama, which has worked out very well.

Right now, our focus in on leveling and instancing.  We will soon start running guild expert dungeons in order to gear up for raid content.  We are also looking for a few guild members to help out and start organizing guild events.  These events could be a night of instance run-thru's, a pvp night, or even something fun and goofy.  We are also starting to consider people for class leaders, those players who know their class builds and if familiar with all the mechanics of the different souls.

Welcome to Rift Walkers, and have an adventurous stay!

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Rift Walkers, Level 4 Guild!

Ozzman1031, Mar 25, 11 11:19 AM.
This past week, we reached level 4 guild status!  Thank you to all who helped make it happen.  I know the guild dungeon runs have seemed to take the longest to finish. It appeared that last week, they fixed the quests so now all bosses in the instance count toward the quest.  While that quest is active, I encourage everyone to seek out guild instance runs.  Even if you need to grab one or two pugs, as long as it's majority guild in the run we should get credited for the kills.

Thanks again to everyone for helping complete the guild quests =)
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